Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm Running?!?!?! Seriously???

Yes, it's true. I have starting running. I'm consistent too...I've gone to the gym the past two days in a row, lol! I decided it was time that i got off my unemployed butt, and actually tried to get back into shape; not just to stay healthy, but to improve my archery. I've been shooting since I was 18. I picked it up really fast, but I hit a wall a few years ago, and just couldn't quite make it to the top on a National scale. I was so frustrated, i almost gave up for two years. This fall I decided it was time to get serious again, and really work at improving my game. Running is something I've thought about many times over the years, but I never had the motivation to actually do it... till now. I started running Tuesday, and although I'm very very sore, I think its already starting to help me :^) 300-28x's (2 x's off a perfect score)...
2 Days in a row!
I'm really excited to see what's in store in the coming months. This past winter I've improved quite a bit, and I really think I am on the verge of a serious breakthrough in my game... I can't wait!

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